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Cabinet Decisions

NTC asked to monitor and address public complaints

Cabinet Spokesman and Mass Media, Transport and Highways Minister Dr.Bandula Gunawardhana yesterday stated that he will advise the National Transport Commission to take steps to prepare a system to continuously monitor and receive complaints.

He stated that in the press conference to announce Cabinet decisions held at the Government Information Department, the fixed bus fare will not be displayed on the bus, and the minimum three-wheel fare will be. He stated this in response to a question asked by a journalist regarding the charging of Rs.70 but Rs.100.

According to the rules of the Road Passenger Transport Services Authority, the bus fare must be displayed on every bus. But at present it is not displayed on some buses, and the minimum three-wheel fare is 70 rupees. However, by charging 100 rupees, passengers face severe difficulties. It was mentioned here that the National Transport Commission has the authority to regulate buses. He said that the decision to change bus fares will be taken without the Minister’s political involvement and only with the approval of the Minister is required for that.

However, the Minister mentioned that there was no increase or decrease in fares this time and regarding the statement made by journalist and regarding the charging of fares which are unfair to the passengers, it is necessary to establish a place where appropriate measures can be taken further stated that the Chairman of the National Transport Commission will be instructed to take steps to prepare a system to receive the complaints of the victims of injustice.


Dutch Govt provides concessional loan for NP health sector

The Cabinet Spokesman and Transport,Highways and Mass Media Minister, Dr.Bandula Gunawardhana said that the Dutch government has provided a concessional loan scheme to provide health services in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

He said this while speaking at the Cabinet decision notification press conference held at the Government Information Department yesterday (5). He said that an agreement has been reached with ING of the Netherlands to finance 75 percent of the project cost to strengthen the provision of health services in the Northern Province, and the remaining 25 percent of the project will be financed mainly through the Invest International Public Programme by the Dutch government.

The minister also mentioned that the physical progress of the project is about 93 percent and considering the current economic situation in Sri Lanka, the Dutch government has decided to reduce the loan by 10 percent and increase the grant for the project to 35 percent.

The Minister said that the Cabinet approved the agreement with the Netherlands Invest International Public Programme and the Netherlands Bank by including relevant amendments.

The cabinet spokesperson also emphasized that the Dutch government has given a favourable decision to Sri Lanka considering the economic and financial crisis in the country at this time.

He said that this is a great relief to the Sri Lankan government and that the nation pays respect to the Dutch government for taking this decision.

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