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New laws to prohibit actions that threaten religious harmony - Minister

Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickramanayake stated that new laws will be enacted to combat all actions that jeopardise religious unity. The Minister reiterated that under the guise of freedom of speech or religion, no one has the right to offend any religion. Minister Wickramanayaka expressed these views during a press conference themed “One Way to a Stable Country,” held at the Presidential Media Center yesterday (5).

Minister Wickramanayake further commented; When a country’s economy is established, most people consider a country to be stable. But we kept talking about economic development until we approached the brink of bankruptcy.

“We had inherited a great culture.The country is in this state because the due value was not given to that culture, but rather to rupees and cents. Because of our parting from our inherited culture and food patterns, we are becoming a sick nation.

Conflicts over caste and religion are widespread in a society where rupees and cents are prioritised.

The issue of drugs too has also reached there fast. Due to the priority of rupees and cents, some people are even tempted to condemn other religions under the pretence of religious freedom. No one has the right to oppress any religion or endanger religious harmony under the guise of religious freedom. We seek to implement a new legal structure that will allow us to take legal action in this regard.

It is proposed to prepare a relevant legal framework and draft a new Bill in such a way that no religious faith is discriminated.

“A strong programme has been presented as a Ministry to recreate the cultured man we have lost in history, under a hundred points. We hope to get the contribution of the private sector for this,” the Minister said.

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