Insurance cover for Peanut, Undu being looked into - Minister | Daily News

Insurance cover for Peanut, Undu being looked into - Minister

The insurance cover given to crops such as paddy, corn and chilli will be extended to crops like peanuts and undu in future, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said yesterday (5) in Parliament. Attention will be given in providing similar grants as the decision taken on request to grant Rs. 20,000 non rechargeable amount per hectare for paddy farmers, the Minister said. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture in reply to MP Charles Nirmalanathan’s question on what steps have been taken to promote production of crops such as paddy and corn.

In response to MP Samanpriya Herath’s question, Minister Amaraweera also said that attention has been given by the Government in launching a scheme to get the younger generation to be involved in animal husbandry by providing a low interest loan plan. The Minister also said due to the price hike of fish in the market these days, the demand has increased massively for chicken which has caused prices in sale of chicken to be increased. Some vendors are attempting to earn unreasonable profits due to an increase in demand and the Government is carrying out a special plan to curb the situation, he said.

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